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Dental Crown Lengthening in Bowie, MD

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure performed by a dentist, or more frequently a specialist periodontist or oral surgeon. There are a number of reasons for considering crown lengthening in a treatment plan. Commonly, the procedure is used to expose a greater amount of tooth structure for the purpose of subsequently restoring the tooth prosthetically. However, other indications include accessing subgingival caries, accessing perforations and to treat aesthetic disproportions such as a gummy smile. There are a number of procedures used to achieve an increase in crown length.

The Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Our patients that undergo crown-lengthening procedures are always very delighted with the results. There are many benefits to crown lengthening, such as the restoration of damaged teeth. If you need a new dental crown on a tooth, then crown lengthening is usually a requirement. In this case, it will ensure a perfect fit of the crown to avoid it from falling out in the future.

Additionally, crown lengthening can vastly improve the aesthetic appearance of a smile by improving the gum-to-tooth ratio and exposing more of the teeth.

How Crown Lengthening Works

Our dentists usually perform crown-lengthening surgery under a local anesthetic. The dentist makes a few tiny incisions around the soft tissue to create a clear separation between the teeth and gum line. This allows for access to the bone and roots of the teeth. Our staff then uses top-quality instruments and techniques to remove some bone and then begin re-contouring.

Once we have cut back the excess gum tissue, we clean and stitch the area. Right after the surgery, you will notice that your teeth look longer because of the repositioning of the gums.

Your oral surgeon will secure the site with a periodontal bandage to keep it clean and healthy. After two to three months, your gums should have healed completely. In the meantime, we encourage you to use pain medication and ice packs to help ease any discomfort.

Crown Lengthening for You

If you think a crown-lengthening surgery may be right for you, call our office at Superior Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today at (301) 464-2323 for more information or to book an appointment. We will give you the benefits of improved oral health and a beautiful smile. Let us help you be comfortable and confident again.