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Cosmetic Dental Crowns in Bowie MD

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Give yourself a smile that looks natural and bright by choosing cosmetic crowns! For aesthetic reasons, no patient wants to hear that they need a dental crown. And, patients with old crowns may feel embarrassed about the tooth discoloration that develops over time. Fortunately, modern crowns have improved significantly over the past couple of decades.

New cosmetic crowns provide an aesthetically-pleasing solution for patients who want to look their best. Our professional staff at Superior Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can apply natural-looking crowns that match the color and shape of adjacent teeth. And we implement one of the fastest and most painless procedures for dental crowns in Bowie, MD.

What Are Cosmetic Crowns?

Cosmetic crowns are ceramic caps for a patient’s teeth. They mimic the size, color, and shape of the existing teeth, creating a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dental crowns can restore a damaged tooth to its original appearance and function. Plus, they look a lot better than crowns used in general dentistry decades ago.

Tooth-colored dental crowns represent an unnoticeable, permanent fix. They can repair a damaged tooth, prevent further tooth decay, and offer an aesthetically-pleasing alternative when teeth whitening fails to give patients their desired tooth color. Although dentists commonly use cosmetic crowns after a root canal treatment, crowns also work for large fillings.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Crowns?

Cosmetic crowns benefit patients in several ways. First of all, they provide added support to the remaining tooth structure, decreasing the likelihood of future chips, cracks, or breaks in the thin shells of the remaining enamel. Crowns do this, in part, by absorbing and evenly dispersing the bite pressure while chewing, increasing the longevity of the remaining tooth root.

Secondly, cosmetic crowns recreate the natural color of healthy teeth. Whereas old-fashioned crowns stuck out in photos and in-person, modern porcelain crowns hide the fact that the patient has dental issues at all. The cosmetic dentist and lab technician can work together to match the color of the porcelain to the patient’s existing teeth, resulting in a beautifully-restored smile.

Other than recreating the appearance of natural teeth, cosmetic crowns can also:

  • Improve confidence
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Increase a patient’s willingness to smile

Who Can Cosmetic Crowns Help?

As one of the most common dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry, dental crowns provide an optimal solution to a wide range of dental issues. They also prevent any further damage to a natural tooth. They’re what dentists turn to when dental bonding and other restorative dental procedures aren’t viable options for patients.

While most patients think of cosmetic dental crowns for root canals, crowns also have an application for:

  • Misshapen teeth
  • Worn-down teeth
  • Broken and cracked teeth
  • Permanently discolored teeth
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants

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