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Root Canal

How Do You Know if You Need A Root Canal—Your Ultimate Guide

Tooth pain and sensitive teeth can be a real headache. While most people associate these symptoms with cavities, they can also be signs of a more severe infection. If you’re lying awake at night or can’t get through your day without flinching at every bite, you probably wonder, “How do

Root Canal

Root Canal vs. Extraction: What is the Difference?

Dental problems are a common issue faced by many people. Some dental issues require simple treatments like filling cavities or routine cleaning, while others may require more complex treatments such as root canals or extraction. Both root canal treatment and tooth extractions are commonly used dental procedures to treat damaged

A woman with symptoms of jaw infection after root canal
Root Canal

5 Symptoms of Jaw Infection After Root Canal: What to Watch For

Signs of Infection After a Root Canal Root canals are probably the most dreaded of all dental procedures. But root canal therapy is a routine procedure, and most patients do not experience complications. While it is rare, infected root canals can become problematic again after you have had a root

Tooth pain
Root Canal

Does a root canal hurt?

Does a root canal hurt? If you are experiencing pain in your teeth, you may need a root canal. This is a standard dental procedure that helps preserve the health of your teeth. Most patients will report little to no pain during and after the procedure, while others find the